I specialise in creating beautiful, realistic drawings and paintings of your pets from your photographs. I aim to capture your pets character and personality in a way which is more than just recreating a photograph.  I understand just how special our pets are, we have several ourselves, and this is why I strive to capture their unique spirit, soul and character in each pet portrait.

Commissioning a pet portrait is very easy, and to start the process all you need to do is get in touch. You can either contact me here or message me via Facebook or Instagram.

I offer three different mediums that you can choose from. If you are unsure which medium you would like for your portrait please don’t hesitate to get in touch. and I’ll be happy to help.


Coloured pencils give me the opportunity to draw a highly detailed portrait.

I have a choice of papers, pastelmat or drafting film as a surface to work on and I use professional quality lightfast pencils for these ultra detailed and realistic portraits.

Suitable for clear, in-focus reference photographs



8 x 8
10 x 14
12 x 16
16 x 20

1 Pet


2 Pets


Prices are for head and shoulders portrait

Price does not include framing. Portraits will be mounted to a standard size.

Other sizes are available, please contact me for a quote.


Chocolate labrador close up pastel drawing

I use a combination of professional quality pastel pencils and soft pastels on pastelmat to create these realistic and beautiful portraits.

Each piece is built up in layers starting with an initial underlayer. This gives me a good base to then add many more layers of detail with each one subtly blended until the final layer of fine detail is added.

Suitable for all reference photographs



8 x 8
8 x 12
10 x 14
12 x 16
16 x 20

1 Pet


2 Pets


Prices are for head and shoulders portrait

Price does not include framing. Portraits will be mounted to a standard size.

Other sizes are available, please contact me for a quote.


I use alkyd oils (which dry faster) on canvas for my oil paintings. I use either canvas that I can cut to the size I need, or canvas board in the required size.

I work much the same way as I do with pastels, starting with an initial underlayer and then adding many more layers until the final layer of fine detail. These portraits are finished with a layer of varnish and they’re loved by people who prefer a more traditional medium.

Suitable for all reference photographs



8 x 8
10 x 14
12 x 16
16 x 20

1 Pet


2 Pets


Prices are for head and shoulders portrait

Price does not include framing.

Other sizes are available, please contact me for a quote.

I do have a waiting list for commissioned work so I can’t begin your pet portrait straight away. Once we’ve discussed what you would like and a price is agreed, the order can be confirmed by an initial non-refundable payment of 30% and you will be placed on the waiting list. At this point I will confirm with you an approximate date that I expect to begin working on your portrait. The balance is only payable once you are 100% happy with the completed piece.

The size of the pet portrait is the size of surface I work on, a margin for aesthetic purposes will be required. Once the portrait is mounted, the overall piece will be larger than stated. 


Prices exclude postage and packing costs which is currently £10 within the UK using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

I post worldwide using a courier service. Please get in touch if you would like an estimate of the cost. Please be aware that import taxes may be payable upon delivery in some countries.


In order to produce the best quality portrait for you, the quality of the reference photograph needs to be very high.
Please see my guide to taking the perfect photograph as a reference photo here.

If you would like to book the next available slot in my diary just contact me

Grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier looking to the left



Have a look at the different mediums above and choose which you’d prefer and what size you’d like. I can do any size you’d like, just get in touch and I can give you a bespoke quote.

If you need help with choosing then please contact me and we can talk things through and I can help you decide.


Once you have decided on the size of the pet portrait, you need to choose your favourite photo you would like me to work from. If possible a selection of photographs is best but I understand this is not always possible. I work from one main photograph but additional photos are useful to check their colour etc.

The quality of your photos needs to be high, I need to be able to see the fine detail when I zoom in on my computer, if I can’t see it, I can’t draw it and therefore its difficult to achieve any realism.
I have put together a photo guide which includes good examples of photographs, to help you take the perfect photo.


If you haven’t done so already, then please use my contact page or booking page to get a slot in my diary. If you have a specific date in mind, for example, if your portrait is a gift for someone, then please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements. Each piece of artwork takes around 1-3 weeks depending on the size and medium and I do have a waiting list.

Once we have agreed everything and a slot has been pencilled in my diary for your portrait, a 30% non-refundable ‘booking fee’ is required. This secures your place on my waiting list and a place can not be secured without this deposit. Payment of this deposit will also signify agreement to my Terms & Conditions.

The final balance along with postage and packaging costs are payable once you’re completely satisfied with your portrait. This can be paid either online through a bank transfer or via PayPal.


I will notify you when you are next on my list. If you would like to make any changes, this will be the final chance before I begin. You may request changes prior to my starting work, but not after. Changes once the artwork has been completed may affect the price. (excludes minor alterations for likeness adjustment).

I will crop your photo or make a digital mock-up to ensure that you are happy with the composition of the piece before I start. If you would like more updates as I work then please let me know.  Most of my clients really enjoy seeing the progress videos and photographs and it gives an opportunity to ask questions.

As social media is my main source of advertising I will post updates on both Instagram and Facebook, although this is generally done upon completion of each piece.  If your portrait is a surprise gift then please ensure you let me know, as I will of course only post on social media after the gift has been received.


On completion, and once you are happy with your portrait I will mount your the work for you using an off white mountboard. If you would prefer for your portrait to come unmounted then please let me know. The portrait will be carefully packaged and protected and will be posted flat using a signed for courier service. 

The final balance, along with postage and packaging costs, will be requested and must be paid in full within 7 days of the request. Your portrait can not be released until full payment is made. Payment can be made either online by bank transfer or via PayPal.


Please read before booking
Payment of a deposit signifies your agreement to the following Terms & Conditions

  • You have seen my gallery and you understand that the style and quality of your portrait will be similar
  • You agree that the initial 30% payment is non-refundable unless I have to cancel
  • You understand that any changes that you make may result in additional cost (apart from limited minor adjustments)
  • You agree to pay the balance within 7 days of receiving my invoice. The artwork will not be released until full payment has been received.
  • In the event of non-payment, I may use the artwork as I wish.
  • In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the artwork, and if I am unable to adjust the artwork to your satisfaction, then the order can be cancelled. I retain the right to keep the initial payment to cover my time spent on the artwork and for materials used.
  • Please be aware that any artwork posted to countries outside the UK may have customs and import charges payable on delivery. I am not responsible for any additional fees your delivery may incur.
  • All rights to the artwork belong to me and do not transfer upon payment. You may not reproduce or alter the artwork in any way and for any purpose without written consent from me. I retain the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes both online, in social media posts and in any other way to market my work. This may include business cards, leaflets etc. I will not reproduce commissioned pieces for prints/cards unless I have received your permission, in writing, in advance.