About Me

A little about myself and how I became a pet portrait artist

I am a self-taught pet portrait UK artist, living in the beautiful County of Pembrokeshire. We have two grown up sons, one living a short distance away and one away in University, but my husband and I now have the company of several dogs and two young cats sharing our home.

I have loved art since I was a child. I’ve always drawn and occasionally dabbled in painting but I have been creative in many other ways. When my boys were small I stitched small toys, made salt dough figures and painted murals of their favourite characters on their walls.

When they were a bit older, I worked in a fabric shop part-time, which led me to making curtains etc. I did this alongside the shop work. I moved on from the shop and started making textile handbags from a studio at home. This  continued for about 12 years. These, along with the household accessories I made, were very popular. I built a website and joined a local art and craft group where I sold my work through exhibitions.

My painting journey begins

Around 2016, I was inspired by the work of the artists in the group. As a result of this I tried painting one of my dogs in acrylics, I was hooked. It’s not a particularly good painting, but I was so pleased with it at the time. I then wondered what else I could achieve.

1st Henry pet portrait

I was still making my textile bags and accessories, as well as selling online and exhibiting with the group. However, this took up a lot of time, days, evenings and weekends.

I did more paintings when I could but it was very slow going. The images below are some of my first pieces.

Poppy dog portrait
Pink Tree Peony Painting
Seascape Sunset
Springer Spaniel Painting

Over the next couple of years I managed to paint a bit more.  I did a few pet portrait UK commissions through word of mouth.  These were done in acrylics which are lovely, vibrant, easy to use and quick drying, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted.  I found them hard to blend, for example on the sky on the seascape sunset painting.  As a result of this I moved onto oils, or, to be precise, alkyd oils.  I found that alkyd oil paints suited me much more than acrylics and I still enjoy painting with them.

Experimenting with Mixed Media

In between acrylics and oils, as I had sewn professionally for around 15 years, I started to work with mixed media.  I was inspired by a quilt artist who does beautiful work. However, I had never done any quilting, but I started experimenting.  I looked at how I could find my own way to work with fabrics and thread to make my pet portraits. I worked on a Kingfisher first and was quite pleased with how it turned out.  Then I decided to use a favourite photo of my girl, Poppy, and to do her dog portrait in mixed media.

Kingfisher mixed media art
Textile and stitch mixed media pet portrait

At the start of 2018 I had problems with my arm, caused by repetitive strain injury through my work. As a result of this, it gave me the push I needed. In August, I was lucky enough to be able to take the scary but great step to fulfilling my dream. I became a full time pet portrait artist.

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